Item #1602


Salvage Poly Drum, 30 Gal. Yellow with Metal Lever-Lock, Suitable for 5 gallons buckets or smaller and meets 3 psi pressure test for Salvage Drum Compliance.

Lids feature a closed cell foam gasket for a positive seal with a metal lever-locking ring. Constructed of blow-molded high density polyethylene (HDPE) with UV inhibitors for superior strength and chemical resistance. These lightweight drums are nestable.

For additional information such as Closure type, Capacity, Container size and Max & Total Capacity see page 17 in the AMI Catalog.

UN/Dot Rating: 1H2/X102/S  and 1H2/X180/S

Dot: 49 CFR: 173.3


SKU: 1602

Quantity: 1 Each

Capacity: 396 Lbs. Max

Dimensions: 19" x 16 1/4" x 26 3/8" Inside/21 1/8" x 16 5/8" x 28 1/2" Outside

Weight: 18 Lbs.