Item #16250-RF

Product Description

Haz-Mat Refill Kit for the heavy duty polyethylene box is weather resistant and forklift-able from all sides.  With the optional wheels package you have a mobile spill cart to handle spills over 100 gallons anywhere in your facility.(Not included with the Refills)

Contents of kit:  200-15″ x 18″ haz -mat pads, 2-5″ x 10′ haz-mat land booms, 7- 3″ x 10′ haz-mat socks, 36-3″ x 4′ haz-mat socks, 10# haz-mat grind, 1-pair nitrile gloves, 30-temporary disposal bags, 1-emergency response guidebook.

SKU: 16250-RF

Capacity: 110 Gallons

Per Box: 4/Boxes