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Item #21343 – Storm Sentinel Catch Basin Insert, Sediment Oils, Round 27″ to 29″

Round 27″ to 29″


Storm Sentinel™ Catch Basin Insert – Sediment Oils, Round 27″ to 29″

Storm Sentinel™ catch basin inserts are ideal products for preventing harmful pollutants from washing into storm drains. Framed model comes complete with an adjustable steel wire frame for simple, one-person installation and removal.  Sits below the grate, making it low-profile and unobtrusive.  The color indicating Imbiber Beads® packet absorbs any organic hydrocarbons, while the geotextile fabric prevents contaminated sediment from washing into the drain.  1- Imbiber Beads® Packet included. Absorb Capacity:  36 oz.

Color changing Imbiber Beads® packet indicates and absorbs oils. – See item # 21342 for additional packets.

Regulations:  EPA, SPCC and NPDES

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