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Item #1617 – Yellow 55 Gallon Drum Containment Dolly

31.75″ x 69″ x 26.5″

SKU: 1617


Yellow 55 Gallon Drum Containment Dolly for Transporting and Mobile Dispensing

The 55 Gallon Drum Containment Dolly is a durable drum dolly designed to safely transport and contain 55-gallon drums that may contain hazardous materials. Though designed to act as its own secondary containment unit, it can also tilt to become a self-dispensing unit, further enhancing its convenience and functionality. The lightweight, user-friendly design with molded, rounded handles makes it simple to maneuver and tilt.

Constructed from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), the plastic drum dolly is resistant to chemicals, rust, and corrosion. Its yellow color is identifiable in the workplace as hazardous material handling equipment, and the low profile makes loading and unloading drums easy.

70 gallon sump with drain plug.

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