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Item #MarineBoom1850 – Orange Floating Containment Boom, 50ft Long, 18in Deep

50ft Long, 18in Deep

SKU: MarineBoom1850


Orange Floating Containment Boom, 50ft Long, 18in Deep

Quickly contain spills and debris on moderately choppy waters. Our medium-duty non-absorbent containment boom floats to keep oil from spreading into or out of a contained area while the skirt hangs below the surface to help prevent spills from creeping underneath.

Internal foam float forms a barrier against oil and debris above the surface; tension cable adds strength and rigidity. The flexible PVC skirt hangs below surface to keep pollutants from escaping; ballast chain adds weight to help keep skirt taut.

Heavy hinge points provide stability, float integrity and durability in wave conditions to connect the booms together to form any length.

Versatile, medium-duty containment booms are ideal in harbors, rivers, bays, lagoons, API separators, inland waterways, sheltered water, canals, coastal waters and other areas with moderate to choppy flow.

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