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Item #U2-51-S – Red 5 Gallon Steel Safety Can for Flammables

5 Gallon, 12.5″ x 16″

SKU: U2-51-S


Red 5 Gallon Steel Safety Can for Flammables, 7/8″ Metal Hose

Red 5 Gallon Safety Can feature two openings, one with a pressure-relief spring closing lid for filling, one with an actuated pour valve with a flexible metal spout for safer controlled dispensing. The filler spout and flame arrestors in both openings are non-sparking brass designed for flashback protection.

Can includes a 7/8″ flexible metal spout and a red (for gasoline and other flammable liquids) powder coat finish with a trilingual label.

FM, UL, and ULC Approved and meet OSHA and NFPA Code 30 requirements.

Compliance: OSHA 29 CFR 1910.106, 1925.152 and NFPA Code 30.

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